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This is the place to find film, photographs, newspaper articles, posters, programmes, letters, deeds and much, much more that relates to the history of this beautiful Valley.

From its earliest days as a religious centre, through the times of the Crusades, the Civil War and on into the Industrial Revolution, the Teign Valley has played its part in the history of the United Kingdom. People have lived here for thousands of years and each epoch has left its mark. From early flint heads and stone circles, through the churches, the fine buildings and the mines, everything leaves its story.

So come on in and explore. Find material that relates to your village, your interests or your family.

If you have any material that you think would be of interest then please let us add it to this collection. Just get in touch through the Contact page. We'd like to photograph or scan it and put it on to this archive so that future generations can learn more about the place they live. It’s not always the big things that make history fascinating, it’s often the little bits and pieces that give us the information about how ordinary people went about their lives – how they made a living, how they celebrated, how they thought and how they talked.

And if you enjoy your time here then please think about making a donation. This archive needs funds to keep going!

This is only the start for the Teign Valley History Centre. We still want to create a physical Museum for people to come and visit. We have a host of excellent ideas for exhibitions that we feel would be of widespread interest. We aim to be the centre for research into the history of the valley and already have the backing of our local schools. We will be looking to involve local children of all ages into our future work.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us here if you have any comments about this website or about our work.

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